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The Child in You!

The Child in You!


Why not use your children’s birthday party as an escape to the kid in you! Children’s birthday parties are filled with fun, whether it be coloured balloons, circus theme inspired cake and napkins, or candy and ice cream treats with Disney characters. Birthdays bring about whimsical, creative flair that is so much fun when creating a birthday invitation.

I always begin an invitation design with a theme in mind, like zoo safari, circus tent, princess, pirate, or maybe even Elmo. Usually the child celebrating the birthday will help you with deciding on the theme, like my niece Kate who is turning two soon, and watches Elmo every chance she gets! After the theme is chosen I search for papers that fit the look, and capture playfulness for the event. Look at brightly coloured prints and patterns and funky fonts. Remember there are a variety of formats and sizes that can make your invite stand out! Also, take creative liberties with the text, inviting guests to ‘Sarah’s stage’ for her rock star party, or to rsvp ‘the queen’ at Kate’s 2nd princess party. So remember next time your children’s birthday comes around, add a little PANACHE!

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