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Decorative Papers that are truly special!

Decorative Papers that are truly special!

Being a graphic designer who designs invitations for a living, my main inspiration for any invite begins with paper. To me, paper helps me convey the overall idea/theme of the event with colour, texture and pattern.

The main idea for my store, entitled Paper Panache, was to bring in an amazing collection of papers from all over the world. I didn’t feel that Calgary had enough options for decorative paper product! I am proud to say that Paper Panache has an amazing paper selection, lovingly crafted in different parts of the globe, each unique and inspiring. There are many creative uses for this paper, including beautiful wrapping paper, envelope liners, invitations and cards, and can even be framed as art.

Yuzen papers are one of many kinds of paper found at my store on the first floor of the Devenish, in Calgary Alberta. Yuzen Chiyogami papers are graphic, repetitive patterns that were originally designed for the textile industry in Kyoto. These papers feature designs created by silk-screening and other methods. Chiyogami is popular in bookbinding, card making and wedding invitations.

Katazome papers also available at my store, are based on traditional kimono printing techniques, with elegant, bold patterns crafted using a method of dyeing with a resist paste applied through a stencil. These papers have a more hand drawn look and are a little more modern and bold compared to the intricate Japanese designs, but they are beautiful none the less!

Paper Panache also offers Indian fine paper, carefully handcrafted, often made from readily available resources such as cotton rags and natural plants. Nepalese and Lokta papers are also in the collection. They are made from the renewable Lokta plant grown in Nepal. The remarkably strong fibres give it durability and a soft, luscious feel. Batik papers are made using wax-resist dyeing technique creating unique colors and textures.

Please pop down to the store when you get a chance, so that you can see these amazing papers in person. They are more beautiful than any description I can write. Flowers, leaves, peacock feathers, stripes, damask, marble print, colours and patterns in all colors. If you are looking for unique paper for invitations or cards you will not be disappointed.

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