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Emily McDowell Cards and Art Prints

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Emily McDowell Cards and Art Prints

During my trip to the New York Stationery show this past May I was introduced to an amazing artist who sold wonderful inspirational cards that were unique and hilarious! I knew instantly that this was the next card line that I wanted to bring into my small little shop.

Emily McDowell’s cards and art prints are beautiful pieces of art on their own, and a great gift for others. She sells a variety of Birthday, Love, Inspirational, Wedding, Baby and Sympathy cards with wonderful quotes, hand drawn lettering and colorful images.

Emily is a great inspiration to me, having quit her advertising/art directing desk job to pursue something more fulfilling. She went back to her roots and started blogging, writing stories on Facebook, and people started asking if they could buy her illustration prints. She started selling work on Etsy and things grew! Emily launched a line of 45 cards at the National Stationery Show in May 2013 – “and every day since has been an adventure. An amazing, crazy, learning-curve-tastic adventure. And I have a feeling things are just getting started,” Emily writes in her about me – emiliymcdowell.com

Emily describes her work saying “My work reflects our shared human experience, in all its different, messy forms, and I feel most satisfied when something I made helps somebody feel like someone else out there gets them. I’m also inspired by letters, nature, folk art, geometry, cultural quirks, and the crazy urban landscape of Southern California.”

Come check out the new cards and art prints at Paper Panache!

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