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Stationery Tips for a Kickass Wedding!

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Stationery Tips for a Kickass Wedding!

Choose a consistent look in paper choices, fonts, and design to help blend stationery and decor together. This attention to detail brings a professional look that your guests will be sure to notice. Keep in mind the look of the venue, if the venue is formal don’t choose a rustic theme.

Choose colours for the stationery that will be introduced in flowers, the wedding party clothing, and the linens and venue decor. This will ensure the cohesion of colour throughout the space. Keep in mind darker colours work well for winter weddings, and soft, lighter colours for summer.

Design a monogram, image or florish that can be printed on many pieces. Its kind of like having your own product logo – throw it everywhere!! Be proud of it! For instance, print your monogram on paper napkins or matches, maybe a spotlight monogram on the dance floor. It adds that extra touch, and helps personalize the event further, not to mention it looks impressive!

Menus, programs, place cards, table numbers, favour tags and table board are some of the ‘day of’ stationery that may be needed for your big day. Choose stationery that makes sense for your venue. If you are having a buffet then a personalized menu doesn’t make sense. If the ceremony is short and sweet, perhaps a program is not needed. If you are having over 100 guests then seating is super important. Get your guests to their seats smoothly with a well planned out seating chart, personal place cards at their table are helpful as well.

And remember, don’t be afraid to be different, get creative, and have fun! Wedding stationery is a creative piece that reflects who you are as a couple. Put some thought into the look and feel of your invitations, as it is something your friends and family will cherish. Your stationery sets the stage for what is expected at your big day, so make sure to get them excited!!

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