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Flower Illustration in Stationery

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Flower Illustration in Stationery

Lets talk spring please!! Its April 12th and this snow will not go away. Let’s get inspired by beautiful flowers, greenery and rustic illustrations that are such fun when designing stationery.

I have been designing stationery for over fifteen years and my favourite invites always start off a little bit rustic, a little bit casual, a little bit artsy. Rustic is a popular style for any Calgary Wedding as we have such beautiful landscapes, flowers and trees surrounding us. When I say ‘Rustic’ I mean raw, sketchy and hand written fonts, recycled fleck paper with lots of texture, and soft brush stroke drawings. Warm twine, wood tags, torn edges, wax seals. Bright coloured leaves, soft painted petals, dripped ink splashes.

There are many ways to incorporate cool illustrations into your stationery. I usually choose the largest or more prominent piece for the main invite. Any extra cards in the stationery suite have smaller, different images that blend with the main invite. Don’t forget the envelope – its always fun to pop colour on an envelope flap with a simple flower or branch of leaves.

Play with placement. Do you prefer symmetrical centered images, or off centre corner placement. Take into consideration whether the text should be centered or justified to mimic the illustration placement. Fonts are also important, and can change the look or feel of any invite depending on its shape. Curly and thick stationery will be more playful and casual than a thin, straight font. I usually try to find no more than two fonts that blend nicely with the style of the illustration. The key is NOT to do more than 2 fonts- most often the ‘less is more’ scenario is best! Especially if you are using illustrations. This also brings up another point: Do not choose a patterned paper with illustrations. Again, remember to keep it simple, which will result in a classic elegant look as apposed to an overly busy piece.

All of the below styles can be see in today’s stationery. Probably the most popular style right now would be watercolour style, which I love. It is a little more soft and romantic, and has more creative aspects than usual illustrations. Sometimes, the messier, the more drips the better!

The styles I am going to show you include:

1. letterpress line sketch
2. vintage botany drawing
3. coloured photograph
4. whimsical graphic
5. brush water colour

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