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Monograms are a traditional way of connecting two people with names. It is the ‘couples sign’ or ‘logo’. Some people love to splash their logo on everything, while some couples tend to be shy and subtle in their union.

For a traditional 3 letter monogram, the woman’s name is always first, then the mans last name is the middle initial, then the man’s first name is the last initial. Some monograms work well together – and sometimes a word can be made – which is not cool. For example, if you end up with a traditional 3 letter monogram “SIN” you may want to drop the middle initial and just go with S&N.

The second version of monogram is to use first name initials with an ampersand or plus sign in the middle. Again, the woman’s name should be first, man after. You could come up with a cool monogram, depending on names, like “M&M”! The last type of monogram is with two initials, sometimes overlapping to create one large symbol, like “KJ”.

More traditional monograms tend to use script fonts, which are curly, and can blend beautifully together. More modern fonts, are simplistic, bold and leave lots of space between initials.

I have included some stationery that I recently did for a couple getting married here in Calgary. They had a rustic style, and wanted to incorporate leaves into the monogram. These pictures help showcase how you can use a monogram on many different wedding pieces. This helps with the blending of elements at the wedding (it looks super professional and your guests will love it!) Thanks to L&J for letting me be a part of their special day, creating their stationery!

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