About Me

Graphic Designer, Owner

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta I knew early on that pursuing a ‘creative’ job was my dream. Spending more time designing cover pages of high school essays, and more time colouring maps then memorizing them it was obvious.

An emotional card giver and lover of all things paper art, I believe that personal stationery makes a deep and lasting impression. As a graphic designer I founded Paper Panache in 2011 after falling in love with paper and stationery while working at a local card shop. My mission is simply to design exquisite social stationery and shine a spotlight on a beautiful and under-appreciated art form. Also, to share a love of all things paper with Calgarian’s in our great city!

Paper Panache boasts beautiful design aesthetics and superb customer service. We cherish craftsmanship, experienced design, and steadfast one-on-one service. Combining a love of typography and design, we create exceptional wedding invitations and stationery. This means that unlike most studios, we do not offer a catalogue from which our clients choose upon. Instead we offer a complete design experience where we will design and print invitations that are truly unique to our clients.

I am so grateful to have a fun creative job where I am passionate about the products I sell and the people I meet. Every invitation I design is unique, some challenging, but always a thrill when the clients pick up the invite with smiles, and some times tears!

I would like to thank my parents who have helped make my dreams for Paper Panache possible. My dad has helped with everything from accounting, shop display, website and trade show exhibitions. My mom, and assembly assistant, helps me with invitation assembly as well as keeping the shop looking spic and span! My family has been my biggest cheerleader and I would never have made it without them!

Reaching new heights, Paper Panache Invitations & Design calls all paper loving, design appreciating, scrap booking, letter writing, card sending audiences!
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